Bath Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Nicholas Frankie                              Dr. Brittany Seeley-Welch

Touch of Healing Day Spa at Bath Chiropractic

Michelle Frankie/LMT, Candice Cavallaro/LMT, Jessica Paige/Skin Therapist

Bath Chiropractic and Wellness partners with A Touch of Healing to promote overall wellness and health. Chiropractic and massage therapy work in conjunction together to help correct the nervous system, joint mobility, muscle tension, ligaments and fascia. Best way to incorporate massage is to get an hour massage prior to your adjustment. Then your muscles are relaxed and your joints will move more freely.

Services offered: 

Swedish (relaxation) massage                Pregnancy massage

Deep tissue hot pack therapy                  Hydration massage

Raindrop therapy                                     Lymphatic therapy

Hot stone massage                                 Sports massage

Cupping                                                   Neuromuscular

Myofascial release                                  problem focused


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Do you suffer with chronic neck, back and shoulder pain? Then try taking a yoga class instead. While chiropractic helps to properly align the spine and maximizes the function of the nervous system and enhances balance, yoga intensifies those benefits. Classes to begin Spring of 2019.