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The Doctors Serving your local area:

Dr. Nicholas Frankie and his Colleague each bring a unique passion to Bath Chiropractic and Wellness. Our doctors share the common goals of genuine balanced health for each patient, as well as a commitment to their own continued education. Dr. Frankie is also certified as an Athletic Trainer and has experience treating athletes and related sports injuries, allowing him to understand the unique considerations of our most physically active patients. 

Our treatment plans are tailored to your needs:

We have patients of all ages and walks of life that respond very well to our treatment plans. Patients with herniated discs, the patient that has exhausted all medical and physical therapy options, the patient that wants to get well and stay well. People who are interested in taking responsibility for their health and are willing to follow our advice and always have the best outcome. Our Patients that come in for pain relief not only feel better, but they see just how healthy they have become and continue seeing us for wellness care.

We offer a wide range of treatments to fit exactly what each individual patient needs. We manage most of the patient's needs and work closely with all specialties in the event other treatment or diagnostic modalities are needed. Our providers are holistic primary physicians so we offer our patients non-pharmaceutical forms of treatment such as home remedies, diet and nutrition counseling and education. We educate patients about healthy lifestyle changes designed to permanently improve their self awareness and overall well being.

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